Allpoint ATMs

NEW! 43,000 No-Surcharge ATMs Added for
UCCU MasterCard Debit Card holders

If you have a United Community’s MasterCard Debit Card, today’s your lucky day! Effective immediately, you’ll get 43,000 no-surcharge ATMs where you can make fee-free withdrawals!

The Allpoint™ network is now offered to UCCU MasterCard Debit Card holders. To find the locations nearest you, go to and enter your zip code. You’ll be surprised at how many convenient no-surcharge ATM locations you just gained! Stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS, and ExxonMobil often have Allpoint ATMs. Be sure to check for the Allpoint logo before you make your transaction! It’s the only way to know your transaction will be surcharge-free.

You Need A MasterCard Debit Card

If you have a UCCU checking account and a MasterCard Debit card, you’re ready to begin! If you don’t already have a MasterCard Debit Card, now’s the time!  Only the UCCU MasterCard Debit Card offers you surcharge-free access to Allpoint ATMs. There’s no annual fee or per-transaction fee.

 A MasterCard Debit Card is directly linked to your United Community account and can be used just like a check anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  If you have not opened a checking account yet, just stop by one of our convenient branch locations and we will be glad to open one for you.  Better than Free Checking offers members a basic checking account with no minimum balance requirements, no check writing limit and no per check fee.

If the surcharge screen appears during your Allpoint ATM transaction, press "yes" to accept the surcharge and proceed with your withdrawal. You will not be charged the surcharge or Allpoint will refund your money.

For more information feel free to contact one of our friendly Member Service Representatives at 713-674-5778.

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